November 1989 was a landmark time in eastern European history. The Berlin Wall came down at the beginning of that month, and ten days later, an extraordinary revolution took place in Czechoslovakia. It started on the 17th of November with a student protest and clashes with riot police. The next day, a movement of theatre employees and students agreed to go on general strike.

The demonstrations, sometimes attracting up to 800,000 participants, continued, until the Communist Party were forced to resign en masse, and a new, democratic parliament was elected. This Velvet Revolution, so-called for the remarkably bloodless transition of power, was just one of many remarkable changes during the fall of Communism. Last year saw the death of Vaclav Havel, the former playwright who was seen by many as the leader of the revolution, and who became Prime Minister in its wake. 75,000 people lined the streets of Prague to pay their respects at his funeral, and the anniversary this year will, as a consequence, be particularly poignant.

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