Since 2001, no one has done a better job of putting New Zealand on the map than film-maker Peter Jackson. His Lord Of The Rings trilogy took just about every award going, became one of the most successful movie franchises in history, and charmed millions of cinema-goers around the world. With the upcoming release of An Unexpected Journey, the first film in a new trilogy based on The Hobbit, Air New Zealand seem to be dropping a few gentle hints that it is their country where all this happens.

Regular travellers will know that the in-flight safety video is usually one of the driest parts of the journey (if you can be bothered to pay attention at all). However, Air New Zealand have teamed up with the makers of The Hobbit to create a video that is so watchable, it has become a viral video hit around the world. Those of you with sharp eyes will even spot Jackson himself in what must surely be his strangest cameo yet (see the video here:

If you’re travelling to New Zealand, you’ll want to be carrying a GO-SIM international SIM card with you for when you get there. With calling rates of just 67c per minute and data at a pleasingly low 48c per MB, you’ll be able to talk for hours about the sights and sounds of New Zealand, and share photos and video with the folks back home, whether you’re there to see the sights of Middle-earth of for any other reason. But don’t get carried away – just because you’re in the land of the hobbits doesn’t mean that your calls will be answered after (ahem) one ring.