If you’re planning on taking your iPad or other tablet away with you on holiday, you’re probably already aware of the benefits and dangers associated with that.

For example, you’ve heard the horror stories about people incurring phone bills that run into the thousands of dollars, so you’ve done the smart thing and disabled data roaming. Plus, you know that WiFi is available in many locations and is a great money-saver if you want to get online.

However, the bad news is that it’s not always free, and the really bad news is that in some places, it’s not available at all. For most, this means a deep sigh, a shake of the head and the tablet goes back into the bag. But then they probably don’t have a GO-SIM data plan.

With data rates of just 49c per MB in over 20 countries (including most of Europe), the GO-SIM International data SIM means that you don’t have to give up access to the internet just because you’re out of the country. And just because there’s no WiFi in your location doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to wait their turn – you can turn your GO-SIM into a mobile hotspot and share connectivity with anyone you want. Just check out the easy to follow instructions on our website.

So, there are excellent value options available, meaning you don’t have to fork out huge amounts to use your domestic SIM abroad. Visit GOSIM.com.au today!