GOSIM are now offering a German phone number on your SIM card in addition to the UK and US numbers you already get.

The primary number is a +44 UK number, with the option to add a +1 US number as well. This is particularly useful for travellers visiting the US from the UK (and vice versa) because it means they can make and receive calls at local rates. Not to mention that it’s FREE to receive calls and texts on the +44 UK number in a growing list of countries.

Now, for a small monthly fee, you can also buy a third local phone number. This is currently only available for German +49 numbers, but we are looking to add new countries in the future. So if you have friends and family in Germany, they can now call you at local rates wherever you are in the world – and those calls are also FREE for you to receive.

You can buy your International SIM Card with or without an additional number on our website.